Our experienced professionals are multilingual and include business and marketing executives, travel specialists, technical and creative writers, video, film, and new media professionals.

Our strategic alliances, and experience in business to business development, enable us to partner in successful marketing, education, travel, television, and new media projects.

  • Producing in Brazil
    Through its affiliate agencies, DTVisions can attend to the needs of U.S. film and television producers planning to work in Brazil. We expedite visas, work permits, and equipment customs clearance. We can also partner in your production with award-winning film and television crew, equipment, transportation, and editing facilities.
  • Distributing in the U.S.
    We work with Brazilian companies as distributors and co-producers of content for the Anglo and Hispanic American markets. We can help you reach public and commercial channels, funding and investments for your film or television production, and act as a liason to sell your work in the United States.
  • Commerce and Marketing
    If you have a Brazilian product or service to sell in the U.S. market and are looking for intelligent and experienced partners in E-commerce and wholesale distribution, or simply need assistance with marketing or translations, we can help you achieve your goals for success.

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